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Agenda .Earth


The mission of Agenda.Earth is to provide a space for difficult conversations about the Climate Crisis using the loosely defined medium of photography .

We will amplify exceptional bodies of work that engage with this complex issue. And use the platform to promote emerging photographers that engage with the subject.

We will consolidate resources to enable emerging creators better incorporate sustainability and decarbonisation into their practice.


Most importantly using funds donated by our supporters we will fund new and interesting bodies of work that seek to interrogate this nebulous topic in interesting and thought provoking ways.



The Agenda.Earth Grant is a community supported platform that supports creatives to explore the Climate Crisis. 


The grant is funded by monthly supporters and one off donations. 


Financial support in the form of a £5000 grant for creative projects will be regularly disbursed.

The aim is to have create a self sustaining and transparent source of revenue that will routinely disburse funds to further our mission. 

'Executive supporters', 'Medici Patron' level supporters and 'Gracious Patron' level supporters are entitled to vote on a blind shortlist of project proposals. This decides which project proposal(s) will receive the Agenda.Earth Grant.

Structural costs such as fees for payment services, web services, accounting services etc will only be covered by income once the first £5000 grant has been raised and disbursed.

We believe that operating with transparency and accountability are fundamental to the success of this organisation.



Agenda.Earth is the website for Earth Atmosphere Limited (13056031) a not for profit private company limited by guarantee without share capital. This company has no employees and is run on donated time by donated money.

Based in London, UK.

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