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Grant information

'Creation in Crisis.'

Grant title.

'Creation in Crisis'

Call for applicants.

This is a call for applicants to tackle the largest challenge of our age.  The Climate Crisis is a terrifying and nebulous topic so this is a call to action to bring this urgent topic to the forefront of emerging photography.

The Climate Crisis is an issue that affects us all, yet can be a difficult subject to pursue in a creative capacity. It is even more problematic given that we are all complicit in the system that gives rise to the problem. A system from which it is impossible to extricate ourselves. Regardless of ones own wishes simply going about ones day in the UK (for example) means 20-30 kgs of green house gases are released per person on our behalf.

It is easy to choose to avoid or ignore the issue, as it is such a complicated and challenging topic to explore in creative work.  The Agenda.Earth grant aims to support those that want to engage with the most urgent issue of our age. We hope that this platform and the associated grant will  provide a home for creatives that have been, and continue to grapple with this issue. 

What is the grant?

We are looking for an individual reading and response to the title - 'Creation in Crisis'

The December grant is a single one off grant of £5000 to support emerging photographers, engage with the Climate Crisis and decarbonise their process.

 It is required that the Climate Crisis is an explicit focus of the project and that the project proposal is a direct response to the title 'Creation in Crisis.'

The proposal must also outline the steps that will be taken to decarbonise the production of the project and associated travel plans.  

How much is the grant?

The Grant is GBP (or equivalent) £5000 to enable the winning photographer to produce their work as envisioned in their project proposal. 


Which projects are selected?

Firstly, project proposals that demonstrate original and effective responses to the issues raised by the Agenda.Earth grant title 'Creation in Crisis.'

Secondly, project proposals that demonstrate a strong awareness and implementation of sustainable production practices as outlined the steps taken to decarbonise travel and production.

Proposals that are short listed using the above criteria, will then be presented in abbreviated and anonymised form to our Executive Supporters for a final vote to select the grant recipient. 

Please be aware that we will not make public the details of your proposal, but we will share a short  summary to the Executive Supporters.

How to apply?

Please submit your proposal at In order to gain access the submission form you will need to create an account and select a 'supporter level'. There are range of 'supporter levels' to match your financial capabilities. The more financial backing we receive, the quicker the pot will refill and the more times we can disburse the grant. As we do not want money to get in the way of good ideas there is a no questions asked 'limited means supporter level' for those that require it. 

Who is eligible?

The grant is open to all from the ages of 18-35. English language (written) is required, but otherwise eligibility is not limited by location or any other characteristic.

What projects are eligible?​

  • Proposed projects and proposal text must explicitly respond to the issues raised by Agenda.Earth.

  • Projects must be as of yet unrealised, or in the pre-production phase.

  • Projects are not limited by a specific medium but must in some way fall within an expanded 'photography' category. There must be a visual element to the work that can be presented online to the audience of Agenda.Earth. 

  • The project must incorporate sustainable practices into the work and the production of the work. 

  • The use of commercial flights for the production of the project is discouraged. Funds from the grant may not be used to purchase commercial airline flights if there is a lower greenhouse gas emission alternative form of transport available. Long distance / international transport plans (where appropriate) must be disclosed in the proposal. Mitigation of carbon emissions (or other greenhouse gases) caused by the project is encouraged where possible.

When is the deadline?

11:59pm GMT, 12th December 2021

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